Razor-Rite Super Speed Service


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The best possible shave with your Gillette DE razor is knowing it's functioning the way it was designed.

We offer a basic service for original Gillette Super Speed razors disassembling, cleaning, adjusting, polishing and paint. Some razor may have excessive wear such as loss of plating, we offer a nontraditional service that can address that issue as well.


1. Commercial ultrasonic cleaning to remove soap scum, mineral deposits and grime.
2. Disassembly of your razor whenever possible and cleaned in our ultrasonic machine.
3. Make all necessary mechanical, adjustments for top performance
4. Polish the vintage plating whenever possible.
5. Paint TTO (twist to open knob.)
6. Lubricate all necessary components, hand clean and ship back to you.

Please do not checkout or ship any item without contacting us first. See our shipping page for more information.


Image of Razor-Rite Super Speed Service