About Us

 Welcome to North Shore Razors, the place for wet shavers who are looking for a unique, alternative to traditional razor restoration. My name is Scott Ferguson, I've been a wet shave enthusiast since 2011 my interest grew into collecting, restoring and selling many vintage Gillette razors over the past 6 years. Like many of you, I enjoy taking the mundane daily chore of shaving and turning it into something pleasurable. Besides wet shaving I’m very passionate about horology, in particular customizing, modding dive watches perhaps living in Hawaii surrounded by the pacific ocean is what draws me to this type of watch. As one of my services I offer customers is Cerakote for the watch case, and its components  this has evolved into coating razors and North Shore Razors.

Over the past 5 years I have developed necessary skills and proper  techniques in applying coatings. Coating offers flexibility in creating a custom style with all the durability you need in restoring your vintage Gillette razors. Rest assured your razor will be handled with meticulous care and quality workmanship.