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North Shore Razors reserves the right, without prior notification, to limit the service on any item and/or to refuse service to any customer. Verification of information may be required prior to the acceptance of any work performed. Razors sold on the website are personal grooming products, for everyone's safety they can not be returned. Payment is not required on service work at time of submitting your razor, but is due in full upon completion. We can only ship to the address found on the PayPal Transaction Detail Page, no exceptions. Once the customer has selected colors, and the work has been performed we are not responsible for customer's choice of colors. Prices and availability of products or service on the site are subject to change without notice. errors will be corrected when discovered, and North Shore Razors reserves the right to revoke.  

All restored razors sold on this site are personal grooming products, for everyone's safety they can not be returned.  

   PayPal’s New Refund Policy

Anyone selling goods via PayPal, PayPal charges 2.9% commission on the sale, which will no longer be returned when giving a full or partial refund. The flat fee is set at $ 0.30, and has never been subject to refunds. Often we get people who check out regardless of what is written in the product description or what is on the shipping page telling them not to do so before contacting us first.


  ‘Do Not Check Out Before Contacting Us’ has been our policy from day one. Often razors are in poor condition, needing parts or not repairable, we may not have replacement parts or the customer may not be willing to spend repairing/replacing parts or we may be unwilling to work on a given razor. This also goes for razors approved to send in, we do our best to inquire about the condition of each razor but we can’t always see issues from photos or issues with internal parts, often customers are unaware or don’t let us know this is why it’s important not to check out. In the past it was possible to refund when someone checked out but times have changed.


With that said we are not responsible, for fees incurred when customers disregard our policy. 



Note: Most superficial scratches or marks on the razor can be removed or at least minimized with careful re-surfacing. Deep scratches, dings dent and pits can't be totally removed and will likely be seen on a coated razor, the same would apply to plating.

Every effort is made to ensure that your razor looks great before coating but we are limited by the pre-existing condition of the razor that we receive from you. We make every effort to adjust the mechanics of each razor to the best of the razors ability however some razors can't be brought back from the dead!

Realistic expectations, the overall fit and condition of your razor will reflect on the finished product, all razors must be in 'good' user grade condition. If you have any questions please contact us. All razors will be inspected upon receiving. From time to time razors come in with internal damage, corrosion and other issues. Service prices on this site are pending final disassembly and inspection, if any issues are noticed the customer will be contacted.


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