Full Restoration Service


Our Full Service Restoration Includes:

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Carefully remove the existing knot.
Size the hole for the appropriate knot.
Pour freestanding or full plaster shelf for appropriate loft.
Remove scratches, nicks and oxidation. This process is labor-intensive but the results are stunning, bring the handle back to its original color in most cases.
Polish handle/ferrule and set the knot.
Treatment for wood handles, [ pre-cat or nitro lacquer] stain/lacquered or painted/lacquered.
Fill letters with the appropriate color.
Hand clean and ship back to you.

Knot is not included with the above service. We offer some of the best knots on the market from well known vendors. Finest two band, SHD, Silver tip badger hair and natural boar hair knots.
Note: Pricing for this services is based on a sliding scale. This differential may be based on the type of brush, condition and or materials used in completing the restoration. However, the price will not exceed list price on this page.